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Solar Power

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Part 3: Solar Power

Solar Power: Solar panels stacked in the truck and ready to be installed.
Solar panels stacked in the truck and ready to be installed.

Hello again!  Welcome back to The Green Swan.  This post will cover the solar panel installation process and results / savings to date and represents the third and final installation of my series on my purchase of solar panels.  I went green to save some green.  Now that they are hooked up and generating Solar Power, they have already begun to pay off.  Click the links here if you missed Part 1: Solar is Sexy on the introduction to residential solar panels, or Part 2: Solar Cents on how much green I saved by going green.

I have had my solar panels installed and producing for almost five full months at this point and I couldn’t be happier.  My only wish is that I would have had them installed even sooner in the fall to catch some of those nice sunny days before the winter months when the days are much shorter.  And if you couldn’t tell by my first two posts on solar panels, I love my SunPower solar panels as well as the app that is available allowing real-time monitoring of your energy production.

Unfortunately, it took over two months from signing of the contract in September to the first day of production in late November.  I was a bit disappointed it took so long as I missed two good months of energy production.  My wife will tell you I’m a fairly inpatient person, I’m very thoughtful and diligent in making decisions, never hasty, but once I make my mind up I want action immediately.  So naturally, it was tough for me to have to sit and wait so long.  Granted, nobody was to blame, it is just part of the process.  Continue reading Solar Power