Solar is Sexy

My installed SunPower solar panels.

Saving with Solar

Part 1: Solar is Sexy

Hello again everyone! Today I want to help you all save some green by going green. You might think I’m a bit off my rocker here, but allow me to formally introduce you to the idea of residential solar panels. Solar is sexy! It’s a trend that has been catching on big time in recent years. Saving with solar is not only great environmentally, but also financially.

I will post “Saving with Solar” in a three part series, one post each week.  This week’s post, Solar is Sexy, I will be introducing you to solar panels, dispelling some common myths, and answering some common questions.  Next week’s post, Solar Cents, will be on the financial considerations with a detailed analysis on my situation and decision process. And the third post, Solar Power, will be on the installation process, what to expect, and actual results (energy and dollar savings to date).

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