Solar Cents

Solar Cents

Saving with Solar

Part 2: Solar Cents

Hello again! Thanks for checking back in with The Green Swan. This is the second installation in a three part series on Saving with Solar. I went green to save some green, and in this post, Solar Cents, I’ll show you how much green! The first part of the series, Solar is Sexy, introduced you to solar, busted some common myths, and provided some basic information on solar panels. Next week’s installation, Solar Power, will detail everything after the fact, such as the process for installation and the results to date (have I saved as much as anticipated?).

As I mentioned in the last post, the total solar panel system cost $18,816 gross (before tax incentives). My system consists of 14 panels total which measure about 5 feet x 3 feet each. It measures as a 4.48 DC Kw system, if that means anything to you. This is a relatively small system overall as my family doesn’t use a whole bunch of electricity. Continue reading Solar Cents