“Show Me Your Friends…”

Show Me Your Friends

Show Me Your Friends and I Will Show You Your Future

“Show Me Your Friends and I Will Show You Your Future”

– Unknown

A powerful statement and maybe one you can relate to personally. I know I can. I remember growing up my parents incessantly telling me to be careful who I hang around with.

“If so and so is a troublemaker, he’ll bring you down with him.”

“Is he a positive influence on you?”

Or how about this one:

“Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you will be found guilty by association.”

I heard that from my parents all the time (for good reason I suppose). Of course I heard what my parents were saying, but I wasn’t always listening if you know what I mean. I would sort of brush it off because I could take care of myself and knew how to pick my own friends. Or so I thought… Continue reading “Show Me Your Friends…”


“Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized”

Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized

“Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized”

– Sun Tzu

Hello everyone! How about starting your day off with a little motivation and inspiration. Time to seize the day!

Sun Tzu, who is behind the quote above, is the author of the widely acclaimed book, “The Art of War”, published around 500 BC. I’ve actually started this book, but I have not made my way far yet. Sun Tzu was a military general for the Chinese and his principles have been used by many legendary warriors and emperors, including Napoleon Bonaparte. But today, his lessons are most commonly used by creative strategists and business leaders looking to corner the market or lead an industry. Continue reading “Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized”