Time to Sell Investments and Hoard Cash?


Time to Sell Investments or Hoard Cash?

Hello folks! Thanks for visiting The Green Swan. Lately I have felt the urgency to explain why I do not plan on selling investments or hoarding cash. And instead, I will actually keep on investing as part of my normal course.

I can already hear it now…

“But it’s been a bull market for almost 8 years, Swan! It can’t keep going up forever. Haven’t you seen the news, we are destined for another crash and it could be bad. Yada yada…”

Since 2008, everyone and their mother have called for the next crash and forecasts for “the perfect storm”. Bank failures, the Eurozone, the Eurozone again, China, Brexit; anything and everything will result in the pending crash. Yes, these are compelling stories and highly-rated news programs feel the same. But highly-rated new programs don’t get that way by telling stories about blue skies and sunny days…except maybe in San Diego.

Well, for the sake of sounding Pollyannaish, let me present the flip-side. Continue reading Time to Sell Investments and Hoard Cash?