Cold Brew Coffee to the Rescue: My Coffee Revelation

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew to the Rescue: My Coffee Revelation

Hello folks! Thanks for stopping by The Green Swan. Coffee is often the subject of folks living the frugal life and that is no different for me and my wife, Lucy. Many frugalistas condemn paying for high priced coffee…yes we get it, that $4 latte every day over 30 years could alternatively compound with an 8% return and accumulate to over $165K! That’s no small potatoes!

Coffee is an easy expense target to cut, no doubt about that, but for the Swan household there is no way of avoiding its consumption. Just like any expense in our budget, it is closely scrutinized and evaluated; trying to find the perfect balance in consuming coffee on the cheap, while also enjoying our coffee (aka quality/premium coffee). Not all coffee is created equally, and we have come to like quality coffee!

I want to share a story today on how coffee has evolved for us and how we consume it on the cheap. And the new revelation…cold brew coffee to the rescue. Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee to the Rescue: My Coffee Revelation