The Green Condor: Clearing Growth Hurdles

Clearing Growth Hurdles

The Green Condor: Clearing Growth Hurdles

Hello $wanigans! Welcome back. I thought it would be good to talk about The Green Condor today since it has been a couple months since my siblings and I completed our acquisition.

Before I get into though, I first want to give a couple shout outs. I have had a blast blogging the last six months and that is partly attributable to how  supportive fellow bloggers and the personal finance / FIRE blogging community have been. Just this last week I had the opportunity to interview on The Millennial Budget on How I Became a Millionaire by Age 30. Additionally, The Frugal Millionaire post has received great receptivity and was featured on Rockstar Finance as well as the Editor’s Choice on the Canadian Budget Binder. If you haven’t already, I hope you check them out and give them a read. Thanks!


Back to The Green Condor. As a quick reminder, or intro for new readers, my siblings and I bought an industrial services company recently. While we reached an agreement for the purchase early in the summer, there were a number of things we needed to do in order to actually close the acquisition in mid-August. For more background, check out the previous articles titled My Small Business Investment and The Green Condor.

And as a quick refresher, recall that my brother James is running the business day-to-day with Jon very involved as well, but from afar (living across the country). James and Jon are both owners and employees. My older brother and I are just owners. Continue reading The Green Condor: Clearing Growth Hurdles