Buy a Car Like a Boss!

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The Green Swan eBook

Hello again!  Thanks for checking out The Green Swan. Before I get to today’s post, Buy a Car Like a Boss, I have a big announcement to share.  The Green Swan ebook is published and ready to go!  The Green Swan eBook is over 30,000 words, 82 pages on normal 8.5 x 11 paper, and over a year in the making to help you get on the path toward financial independence!  To find out more, visit The Green Swan eBook page.

Buy a Car Like a Boss!

Now, back to today’s post.  The Green Swan is a way of life.  It’s about working harder and working smarter to make money…and more and more money every year.  It is also about living within your means; frugal living in a sense, but still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.  You need to enjoy certain creature comforts and make life worth living.  And The Green Swan is also about getting things you want, but paying less for them.  To that point, today I’m going to outline the decision making process my wife and I went through recently when buying a car, and how we ended up getting a steal of a deal.

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